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Access to device on a different subnet, but same switch

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New Around Here
I have a couple different subnets in home network.
  • IP cameras and DVR are in 192.168.8.X.
  • most of the home devices are in 192.168.50.X They should have access to DVR recorder which is in
  • WAN modem that connects to internet + some other devices are in

Problem: Devices in 192.168.50.X can not access DVR recorder

What have I tried/observe:
  • If I statically allocated 192.168.8.X IP to a computer it can access the DVR recorder, even when connceted to Router's WIFI or ports
  • If I statically allocate two IPS (one for each subnet) to a computer it can access devices in both subnet
  • Devices from 192.168.8.X sometimes appear in Asus router client list (network map)
  • If I run Wireshark connected to the router (or to POE switch) I can see traffic from both subnets
  • I tried playing by adding additional IPs or static routes on the router, but nothing helps. Some examples:
    • ifconfig eth2 netmask # add additional IP
    • ip route add dev eth2 # add additional route - directly for one host, also tried similar through WEB UI
  • I've changed a modem few weeks back (moved from hybrid to fiber). The previous one supported hybrid (ADSL + 5g) mode. All subnets were connected to that modem. I sucesfully made them visible to each other by adding additional 192.168.8.X IP to the old modem. However the new modem does not support this.
I am using RT-AX86U router with latest firmware (3004.388.6_2 )

Here is a my network layout:

Any idea how to make this work?

Trying to run two different subnets on the same broadcast domain is a fundamentally broken design. The networks need to be separated from each other, either physically or logically (using VLANs).

Provide more information about the capabilities of the DVR and the POE switch. Does the DVR have two network interfaces, one that can be configured for 192.168.8.x and the other for 192.168.50.x? Does the POE switch allow for the creation of VLANs?
Thanks for aprompt replay.

The switch is DS-3E1310P-E - https://objects.eanixter.com/PD553929.PDF
It support VLANs.
It has 2 upstream Gigabit links G1,G2). One is linked to DVR and one is linked to Asus router.

There are three VLan modes:



However Asus RT-AX87U does not seem to support it (It requires a Pro version of the router)

The DVR is DS-7616NI-K2 https://athena-visiotech.s3-eu-west...K2_8P-NVR-D-or-E_4.71.410_20221026.pdf?ver=75
Although the pec mentions 8 POE interfaces, I only has 1 LAN interface (that's why I need have a separate PoE switch)

The fiber modem, that I have Innbox G92 doe seem to support VLans, but configuraiton optiosn are very limites:


Sorry, I'm not familiar with the network capabilities of your NVR. I'll have to leave this for others to comment on.

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