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Ancient nV 6150+430 based motherboard, does it cut it as an awesome NAS?

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This is the motherboard (damn google, can't find an actual review for the socket 939 version!)

This is the core architecture...

It's got one 16x PCI-E, so I could add a top-notch RAID controller card, w00t!
The only area I'm worried about is the fact that it only has 100Mbit Ethernet.

I mean how does that manifest itself in reality, is it really such a big loss?
The core function of this device would be to store content, often there'd be streaming but mainly it'd be used for back-up/archival purposes.

I mean, aside from the anaemic Ethernet, this would wipe the floor with most "pre-made" NAS devices on the market atm wouldn't it?*
Aside from the very top tier ones, which are beyond most normal humans budget.

*assuming the choice of RAID card was decent
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As far as I can tell, the nForce 430 MCP only used PCI Express version 1.0a.

And according to Wikipedia this version is only 250MB per lane...

So putting a "2.X+ compatible" Gigabit card in this slot aint gunna get me true Gigabit...

Feel free to correct me ya'll....
Maybe there were revisions of the 430 MCP which supported PCI-E v2.X?

But even if there were & my mobo uses that revision, v2.X is still only 500MB/s /lane
It needs to have a 4x slot, then it wouldn't matter if it was version 1 or 2.X...
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So putting a "2.X+ compatible" Gigabit card in this slot aint gunna get me true Gigabit...

250 MB = 2000 MBits so there not limitation for a PCIe gigabits card via a 1x PCIe slot.
You sure they're talking in terms of MegaBytes per Sec in that article?

I mean I had considered MB/s = MegaBytes...
But I was thinking maybe it was a typo, as 2000 Mb/s per lane sounds kinda high...
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With a good PCIe based network card you should see very good performance. I recommend getting a Intel PRO/1000 PT card. PCIe version should not affect the performance of network cards.

For reference I used to use a Nforce 4 based computer as my server here at home. Had a Athlon 64 3000+ CPU. (939 pin) Using the onboard Nvidia network card I averaged 70-90 MB/sec for file transfers. My current server uses a Asus A8R32-MVP motherboard with a Opteron 165 (939 pin) CPU. This setup usually averages between 80-100 MB/sec. So I am fairly sure with that chipset, a decent cpu, and a good network card you could see similar results. Especially with a Intel network card.

Oh sweet so this old mobo's back in the running!

How do ya'll reckon it'd compare to some of the best "appliance NAS's" about atm? e.g. Qnap TS-809Pro etc
In order to get the same sort of RAID capabilities, I guess I'll have to pick out a decent controller card too.

Bedtime, night...
This board support SATA RAID 0,1,5 & 0+1

I agree there is no need to buy a raid controller. Just get a decent PCI or PCIe NIC card.

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