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Any chance of Buffalo Terastore Duo Review?

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Sir Tim,

Any chance of getting a review of the Buffalo Terastation Duo (2 disk) as well as the Terastation III (4 disk) systems? Since your quick writeup of these from the 2009 CES, have been eager to see how they hold up to your test suite.

Looking for a review of the hardware config, as well as the featuresets of the firmware, and some perf stats....you know, the 'good ol' SNB standard drill :cool:

I've read your sites for > 1 year so far and your reviews have been by far the most reliable and 'realistic' of those on the net.

In particular, the level of depth you go into (i.e. chipsets, onboard memory etc) have been a vital resource for many of us to make assumptions about certain compatibility issues etc.
Keep up the good work, and look forward to these + all your future reviews as always.


And yeah, subject should say Terastation, not Terastore...*sigh*, long day/night at the office :(
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Glad you enjoy the reviews, rinthos.

We'll be reviewing all of the Buffalo products as they become available. First up is the Linkstation Pro XHL. Test data is already in the charts and slideshow and short review is coming shortly. It uses a new Marvell chip that gives is about 2X the performance of the old Pro.

Awesome, look forward to all these + other reviews.
Thanks again for your continued support to the networking community.

If the new Marvell chipsets can trully push twice the horsepower of the previous generation, it will be interesting to see if they maintain reliability, and also to see which manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon.

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