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Are there no new (smaller) AXE wifi 6e routers coming out for Asus?

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What's your main router? TP-Link Archer AXE75 is actually excellent price/performance AIO router.
Asus ax58u. Which is pretty decent, but not triband. Have no issues with it generally. I guess I could either buy the axe75 and use it as my main router and sell the Asus or something, or just buy the axe75 and use it as an AP just for my Quest 3. Generally don't trust TP link and I hate that they are putting features behind a subscription, so that's what's stopping me.
Compare the price to other similar products and think again. Asus and Netgear will take few hundred bucks more from you, no problem. Your VR set will perhaps work in exactly the same way. Subscription features are TrendMicro engine, nothing to die for. On mid-range hardware you better keep it disabled for maximum performance. Your choice.
For $100 Canadian more what do you think about the axe7800 (arche axe95) from TPlink? Would that be considerably better than the axe75?
Similar hardware to RT-AXE7800, one 2.5GbE WAN port, 2x USB ports, ugly, more expensive for mostly theoretical advantages. Perhaps you won't see any real life difference with AXE75.
Get one from Amazon, see if it does what you need. If it doesn't - send it back.
Single XT8 were offered at some point (I got one for a friend with "designer" wife), but I've never seen single ET8. Overpriced units and when configured in wireless AiMesh the 6GHz channel is used for backhaul. I personally will never consider anything from ZenWiFi series. There are better options for the price.
There is a known issues with AC routers and the Quest 3 firmware right now. But generally AC routers aren't really recommend for VR streaming (this is coming from the developers that create the actual VR streaming software).

I am not recommending an AC router today. I was recommending a method to get your router fully reset and as stable as possible. Please read the link I offered, not the thread title that shows when we post links for others.
Seems like the recommendation for the TP Link AXE5400 was really good. Just connected and connected my Quest 3 and I'm getting rock solid performance, it's insane how stable it is. Just need to test that the rest of my devices are performing good, but it seems like it was a huge jump in stability from the Asus AX58u.
Thanks, it just pisses me off that there are feature in the UI that you need a subscription for at this price point, but hopefully it's just filler.
Don't worry about it. You don't need to share your entire network browsing history with TrendMicro. Their services are buggy and eat resources. Your router will work better and faster with no 3rd party involvement. Quite a few Asus users keep it disabled for various reasons. Think this way and it will make you feel better.

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