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Hey everyone first post here so I'm not sure if this is the right place but here goes.

Recently I've been reading alot of forums posts about establishing separate channels on my router for vpn use and I wondering if someone could either link or explain the process to me.

I have an Asus ac86u router and I'm trying to do the following;

-have my 5ghz ssid be used for all my device password protected no vpn
-turn my unused 2.4gz ssid into my vpn only connection password protected using expressVPN (use for my smart TV to run region locked apps)
- every setting is stock out of the box minus passwords

Any help at all would be very useful I'm having a very difficult time finding a method or answer on how to proceed. I'm very notive into changing settings and working with Asus systems so a very detailed walk through would be much appreciated!

P.S From my understanding this is possible on this router and I'm not open to buying a separate dedicated one.



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With ASUS Merlin firmware you could set up a VPN client and then set up "Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel". Using this feature you can specify which IP addresses on the LAN use the VPN. Doing it on my AC68U with PIA VPN and it works like a charm. You can Google it or take a look here and here

Of course to do all this you have to use the Merlin firmware as opposed to the Asus stock firmware. And it works by IP address, not SSID.

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