Asus Ac86U and vdsl bonding


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I recently moved and my new house only has DSL as an option and it is rather slow for my needs. The ISP set up a VDSL bonding modem that doubles the speed but unfortunately my AC86U does not seem to work now.

Naturally better service is available about a quarter mile away that offers 500mb/s for the same price I pay for a tenth of that speed.

I enjoy the feature rich GUI on the Asus and I would like to stick with ASUS, does anyone know if the DSL AC68U will continue to be supported by Asus now that the AX82U DSL seems to have replaced it? I am not sure I want to invest quite that much money into a router again I unfortunately only upgraded to the AC86U a few months before moving.

Also does MerlinWRT support the DSL versions of the ASUS Routers?


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Someone has taken it upon themselves to bring Merlin to the DSL routers Asus makes...i think their handle is @GNUton ...check on the Merlin forum stickies for a link to that.



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You will need a conventional router that has a WAN connection to connect to your DSL modem from the ISP. You may be able to use the DSL Asus router in dual WAN mode and use one Ethernet LAN port to connect to the ISP modem. You may end up with a double NAT connection but it will still work. Someone that has more knowledge with Asus DSL routers should be able to give you a better answer.

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