Release Asus AC86U New Firmware -

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Daniel G

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Could be the 86U 2.4 radio failing. There are reviews online to this affect.

You could make the 86U a remote node to see if the issue moves with it. And then move it back with a clean install.

One more idea... try lowering your Roaming Assistant 2.4 RSSI to -55. Maybe your layout puts your 2.4 client in node contention since 2.4 travels far. I have a suspcion that the new SDK in .386 firmware has boosted the 2.4 signal effectiveness.

Thank you @OzarkEdge - the RSSI setting to -55 has solved the problem - all works again as expected.


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Port forwarding WAN -> internal IP.. 80--->80 not working ??? all other ports seem to work fine?!
(even moved rooter internal/external - webaccess to xxxx:4444 and https only..)
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