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Asus Blue Cave. Very slow WIFI speeeeeeed.

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New Around Here
I've bought the new Asus Blue Cave for better speed via WIFI. I have a 1 gbit/s for both directions.
Now, I have for about 250-350 mbit/s usiing Mikrotik HAP AC, but I want more speed :) and MU-MIMO for parallel downloads and TV strimming.
So, I upgrade router to the latest firmware and get maximum 150 mbit/s via 5 Gz.
It's very slow... I checked every option, trid to install custom firmware with the same result.
The 150 mbit/s is the best performance for this peice of.... Asus?
I would factory reset the router and flash the official ASUS firmware again.

There is no custom firmware for that model that I am aware of .
I made a factiry reset more than 10 times. I tried 4 Asus firmware. I tried this one https://github.com/paldier/bluecave-merlin/releases with the same result. I use 80MHz bandwith. I turned off/on MU-MIMO and a billion others switchers. I tested speed in torrent and speed test over PC, MAC, iPhone.... My old Mikrotik is a miracle... And now I can't sell the Asus Blue Cave. Nobody want it :)
It's one more thing... I have an auto IP from my provider but definic mac address, so Asus Blue Cave can't change mac address without rebooting, even if I press commit button and wait until the download line is complete. It's like 2000s. Can anyone show the config file for the best speed via 5Hhz?

Can you give the cue about the best router for best speed with MU-MIMO. I want to download torrents and watch 4k movies at the same time for $100-200. I thought it's possible, but now I'm not sure :)

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