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Asus Merlin 388.6_2 VPN-Director

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New Around Here
hello, one Question:
rule VPN Director as it set now:
Local IP: Iface: OVPN1 (for all other clients)
Local IP: Iface: WGC1 (for my notebook)
With this configuration, OVPN1 is also used for access for the notebook.
However, all clients should use OVPN1, only the notebook should use WGC1.
What do I need to set to make it work like this?
Switch the order of the rules.
ok thks, but how to switch the order of the rules ?
Go to the VPN Director page, click the minus sign next on the row with the first rule ( then click the apply button at the bottom of the page. Now click the plus sign "Add new rule" button and add the rule again and click the apply button.
yes i have done this, but is always on first position.
i cannot switch the order of the rules.
What do I need to set to make it work like this?
You can't. See the Priority section of the VPN Director wiki. Matching OpenVPN rules take precedence over WireGuard rules.

If you changed your VPN clients so that both were OpenVPN or both were WireGuard you could arrange the priorities how you wanted.

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