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Correctly using VPN Director?

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I am a hobbyist and I am trying to learn more about home networking. I have been running AsusWRT-Merlin for a while now and have been trying to learn and become comfortable with more advanced configurations before I move into the realm of Add-ons. However, I am getting stuck on the VPN Director.

I have a need to route a single device through my VPN provider. I was able to configure my OpenVPN client profile without issue (my VPN provider has specific AsusWRT-Merlin instructions for this, which made things easy), but when it comes to only routing the single device through the VPN tunnel, I want to make sure that I have configured the VPN Director properly:

OVPN1 is set to "VPN director + killswitch"

Then I have added a single rule:

Interface: OpenVPN 1
Enable: yes
Description: (device name)
Local IP: 192.168.(device IP)
Remote IP: (blank)

I have no other rules added.

On the surface, everything seems to be working okay with the intended device showing my VPN IP with my remaining devices showing the WAN IP. However, is there anything I am missing? I want to make sure that I haven't done something incorrectly and inadvertently introduced a security or configuration problem with my network, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Also, of course, you are using "exclusive" in the DNS, correct
I do have the DNS set to "exclusive" however, it does look like it is using the wrong DNS server - I use Cloudflare's DNS/DNS-over-TLS normally and when I check the DNS Leak Test website, it is showing Cloudflare as the DNS provider instead of the VPN's DNS.

I am not too concerned about the DNS, however, is it safe to assume that the device isn't using the VPN DNS because I have set as my DNS on the WAN page?

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