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Asus remote logging

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I noticed that under system logs there's a field for an IP address.

Is there any way to set the IP address to say, a computer on LAN or a connected USB device? I really don't like how the log viewer clears on reboot and its very limited in terms of usability so I want to parse the files somewhere else.

Has this been covered before somewhere someone can kindly link me to? A quick search didn't turn up anything other than solutions that require buying a service from a cloud provider.


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If you run a remote syslog server on your LAN then you would enter its IP address in that field. It's as simple as that. If you need more information on remote syslog servers for your favourite operating system Google is your friend. ;)


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Thanks. You provided just enough information for me to figure out what I needed to setup the syslog server to configure the router.

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