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Asus router as a wifi bridge with VPN?

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Hi, I'm non-techie on routers (!) – currently just using an AC1900 in VPN mode with ethernet cable to a French router and another ethernet cable to a UK TV – so I can run catchup apps (iPlayer etc)

I've now changed my French router to a 4G SIM router for better speed, and that box runs way faster across the room from the TV, which I can't move. So I want to wireless connect the Asus to the 4G box, and keep the existing VPN setup/ethernet cable to TV.

I've read repeater mode won't do that, but perhaps bridge mode can?

Any easy fix?

If not I'm thinking to buy a powerline wifi extender with ethernet ports.

Yes, Media Bridge mode is what you need.
That's what I'm wondering. Also whether the standard French box (4G Bouygues Telecom) can act as part of the media bridge to begin with.

I had a go setting the Asus into Bridge mode. It didn't produce a wifi signal or work with ethernet cable to TV, and can't access asus.router.com after it's 'set up'. So factory reset and may have to find another solution?
Sorry, I didn't catch that a VPN was needed (and afaik, as it's not able to run in Media Bridge mode).

Media Bridge mode should be chosen after flashing the firmware to the version you want to use (the latest is advisable), then going into settings and connecting via WiFi to your main router. At this point, only wired connections are available (there will be no WiFi broadcast from the Media Bridge itself).

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