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ASUS router features powered by Trend Micro. Do you turn them on and agree to have your data collected?

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Have you agreed to having your data collected by Trend Micro?

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Recently purchased an Asus RT-AX 55 and I realised that a lot of the features advertised require you to agree to have your data collected by Trend Micro.

By using AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS/Game boost, Web history, you agree to the Trend Micro End User License Agreement.

Please note that your information will be collected by Trend Micro through AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS and web history. You also acknowledge and agree that ASUS is not responsible for neither the agreement between you and Trend Micro nor any content of the service provided by Trend Micro. If you may have any inquires about how Trend Micro collects, processes and uses your above information, please refer to the privacy- related statement issued by Trend Micro or contact Trend Micro for more details.

I'm usually not enthusiastic about having my browsing history shared with any third party. When you don't agree to the above (which is what I did for now), well most of the router perks/features suddenly become unavailable to the user which is quite unfortunate and potentially a bit misleading when it comes to how the router is marketed/advertised.

I was just curious to hear what's the community position is on this data collection agreement and if you have turned it on in order to use AiProtection, Traffic Analyzer etc

Also I found this interesting article about what kind of data is collected by Trend Micro https://www.mbreviews.com/trend-micro-aiprotection-asus/



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Already debated in plenty of other threads - locking this as being redundant.
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