Asus router running (wireguard) VPN with policy rules

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I have been using a Torguard VPN on my gnuton1 Asus DSL-AC68U (I use the firmware for the RT-AC68U) for a while now, the VPN is configured via OpenVPN. I use 'policy rules' to specify which internal IP's route via the VPN and this works well. If I wasn't able to follow guides I could never have gotten this setup at all, I am past my own understanding of networking, but it works and I leave it well enough alone.

I have read that Wireguard is a much more efficient way to implement a VPN (I guess than OpenVPN) but have no idea what I need to do to 'upgrade' to Wireguard?

Can anyone help me get started on an upgrade path - even if that is to leave it alone?



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
You can't. Wireguard requires a newer Linux kernel.


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Thanks for that, I have been doing some research today into this (and this is entirely TIC), one avenue I tried was asking a Tech Support line (I'll let them remain nameless for now) and their response was "there is a Merlin beta out just now that does support WG if your willing to install that"!

Jeffrey Young

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You will still need a router with a much newer kernel than the 68U has. To the best of my knowledge, you are looking at the AC86U or AX88U (Vr. 4.x kernels). The 68U is only a Vr. 2.x


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I get tremendous speeds with Wireguard, can it implemented in AC86U?

Jeffrey Young

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You can check out this;



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I get tremendous speeds with Wireguard, can it implemented in AC86U?

(How I envy your BCTel/AGT fibre speeds here in Onterrible...)

see here:
that takes you to two threads. I'd suggest reading and considering the 2nd one first

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