Asus RT-AC-5300 router

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My goal is to upgrade from stock firmware to Merlin firmware. I want to do this to improve Open VPN with my Tor-Guard VPN service. Using stock firmware having the VPN on the router my speeds are really bogged down. 7 to 12mps. This is the only thing which keeps me from running VPN on router. I heard that Merlin firmware would improve this. I have default 200mps download speed. Once I upgrade to Merlin firmware are there any tutorials for configuring my router once this is done?

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A good spot to start ......



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I heard that Merlin firmware would improve this.
I don't know where you "heard" this. Merlin's VPN setup has more options but the basic throughput is still dictated by your router's hardware, your internet speed and your VPN provider's servers. That said you should be able to achieve more than your current 12Mbps, even using stock firmware.


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User L&LD has done all the works to summarize what and how to configure your Asus router.

Start with the M&M config and do not forget the WPS NVRAM Erase directions. Download and install Merlin 384.19 and follow the steps and you will have a rocking and stable AC5300.

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