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Asus RT-AC3100 2.4 WiFi down... use a second router for 2.4?

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by Steven B, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Steven B

    Steven B New Around Here

    Feb 27, 2019
    Main question:
    Given my below situation, is it best to use a second router connected to the main router via ethernet as the 2.4 GHz access point?

    • The RT-AC3100 is not the cheapest (or most expensive) router, so replacing it is not preferred.
    • The 5 GHz and ethernet connections seem to work flawlessly.
    • There are only one or two devices unable to connect to 5 GHz.

    Secondary question:
    If using a second router seems like the preferred solution, would it be best to get a cheap Asus router for some unknown compatibility reason?

    Free thoughts:
    The actual problem on the RT-AC3100 is the 2.4 GHz broadcasts the SSID but does not let devices actually connect. I tried the factory reset, firmware change, RAM clearing process, and router isolation routes to try and connect to the 2.4. I also tested changing the SSID and password/security. Since I could successfully flash different firmware versions, I assumed trying the recovery mode method would not benefit me any. The router has from Day 1 been connected to a UPS as well, except for when I test-isolated the router in a different room.
    After weeks of trying to test/fix the 2.4 side of the router, life in my household seems fine without a 2.4 wireless connection. The Roomba is the main thing that works without WiFi but could work better with it. I tried the warranty route with the router, but Best Buy wants to simply sell me a Geek Squad plan (waste of time/money, no trust in their capabilities) and Asus's support inbox conveniently became full.

    I'm all ears for suggestions. It does seem a $30 router can (permanently?) fix the problem, but I am still holding out buying one out of hope. It just is crazy to me as a software engineer that the device can broadcast the SSID but not connect. I am not a network guy though and do not know the internal workings of how the connection is actually made... ​
  2. Raceing333

    Raceing333 New Around Here

    Mar 15, 2019