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Asus RT-AC58U - UPnP Media Server - doesn't see all files


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I have a problem with mi UPnP Media Server on Asus RT-AC58U.
I enabled my server and I can see the drive connected through USB port to my router but when I try to access files (photos and videos) from TV or Windows Media Player on laptop I can not see all files. I can see only part of them.
I found out that when I copy some file (which can't be accessed from TV or WMP) to another folder and then copy it back to the original folder it starts to work - this file is available from TV or WMP. It is very strange. I have a lot of photos and videos on that drive so it is impossible to do this operation for all files.
Do you know how to solve the problem?


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You should provide more information and any troubleshooting steps you've taken already.

What firmware are you using on the router? Does flashing the latest (or same, if already on the latest) firmware and then doing a full reset to factory defaults and then manually and minimally configuring the router to secure it and connect to your ISP make any difference?

What client devices are being used to access the files? How can you copy a file if you can't 'see it fully, only part of it'?

What USB drive have you connected to the USB port and, which port? What is the capacity of that drive? What other drives have you used? What is the formatting used?

Give the answers to the above and any more relevant information to help you further and/or better. :)

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