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Release ASUS RT-AC66U B1 Firmware version (2023/11/30)

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There ought to be some fanfare for these AC1900 firmware releases in late 2023!

And for bringing them back to life after ASD and DCD internal attacks. Asus and TrendMicro hacked them really good with "security" updates. They are still usable and can work well for many people. We are privileged here. Many places in the World have Internet access way below 100Mbps.

I've upgraded from 51665, but since then it doesn't look as smooth as before, here's a graphic example:
Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 14-47-08 – Home Assistant.png

(source: home assistant history)

did anyone experience something similar? would downgrading help?
I performed dirty upgrades from 51665 to 51668 on my RT-AC68U Router and RT-AC1900U Media Bridge, both are stable as a rock 73 days now after the upgrade.
I suggest to revert to factory defaults and manual configure the router again.

It's not recommended to perform a restore from backup after a factory reset?
All depends. If the backup was from a prior firmware version, no. If you are having issues with the current setup doing a new manual config is a good idea.
On top of the last reply: a firmware backup file shall ONLY be restored to exact the same firmware branch and version as it was made from.
You better do not restore the backup from a trouble router.
Manual configuration of a router at factory defaults makes sure you make a clean start, write down the changes you make from factory defaults for future reference.

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