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Asus RT-AC68U issue with IPv4

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I have an issue where my RT-AC68U running in bridge mode stops transmitting via IPv4. The IPv6 keeps transmitting, but the IPv4 randomly stops. I have attached my log for observation. I am running the latest stable release as well.


  • syslog.txt
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try repeater mode instead or other firmware without the known bridge bug.
Can you elaborate on the known bridge bug? I have to use my router as a bridge since it is converting from wifi to ethernet for all of my equipment in my room.
please search on your own here in the forum.
But thats no reason not to use repeater mode, it does the same for LAN and additional gives you extended wifi, just dont use wifi on node for clients and there is no difference.
I just swapped over to repeater mode and will let you know if there are any more issues. I did see some mention of a thread, but the last comment stated the bug was fixed. However, this was 3x years ago as well.

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