Asus RT-AC86U, ZenWifi DHCP and AiMesh problems


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I just recently purchased an Asus RT-AC86U and connected it behind my internet provider's modem then I had a lot of problems in connecting all of my devices. After repeatedly hard resetting the Asus router and reconfiguring it again, all my devices would connect successfully. But after a few minutes (sometimes hours) some devices (not all) would not be able to connect anymore despite resetting the devices, forgetting the SSID and then reconnecting again. My final solution was to define the devices' MAC on the router and manually assign an IP address. After this I never had connection problems anymore, but my concern is it did not really solve the DHCP problem. Some new devices trying to connect via DHCP is still failing and the IP address 7.15.xx.xx is displaying on those devices. I am not a networking expert, may I ask for some help/advices on how to solve this? Thanks.


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Which port did you connect ISP (Internet Service Provider) modem to?
Your RT-AC86U can operate in several modes:
If you want your ISP modem to provide DHCP and routing services make sure you choose Administration --> Operation Mode --> Access Point(AP) mode for AC86U.
If you want your DHCP and routing provided by AC86U make you you choose Administration --> Operation Mode --> Wireless router mode for it.
Either way make sure you you connect ISP modem to WAN port (the blue one) of your router, not LAN port (not any of the yellow ones).
IMHO the preferred way of operation for AC86U would be the Access Point(AP) mode; otherwise the devices behind AC86U would be double NATted: one NAT by ISP modem and another by AC86U. But there may be an option of switching ISP modem's NAT off, then AC86U should operate as Wireless router.
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