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asus RT-AC88U "netstat -nl" CPU usage ?

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I turn to you because I encounter something weird with my router asus rtac88u. I noticed that my CPU usage was rather high that is higher than 50% permanently while I do nothing special.
I disabled a maximum of things but nothing helps!

Does someone have an idea ?

thanks in advance
Have hit this same condition. Logged into my switch and noted CPU2 was 100%. SSH in, top, CPU2 100%. PS and discovered a "sh -c netstat -nl" call / spawn taking CPU. Manually running "netstat -nl" (no name resolution; list listening ports) just loops and loops the listening port output over and over never ending....

... busbox netstat bug?
I think it is something to do with aiprotect. I have a RT-AC5300 and when I turn it off the CPU goes back to normal. I’ve tried resetting everything and setup manually but comes back after 1/2 a day with aiprotect on. It started happening after the most resent Merlin firmware.
Strangely, this issue just 'went away' and I haven't seen it re-occur since I first reported it 07/15. If I run 'netstat -nl' now it terminates correctly and doesn't constant loop.

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