Release ASUS RT-AX56U Firmware version (2022/06/23)


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1. Fixed OpenSSL CVE-2022-0778
2. Fixed CVE-2021-34174
3. Added more security measures to block malware.
4. Fixed Stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Milan Kyselica of IstroSec.
5. Fixed CVE-2022-23970, CVE-2022-23971, CVE-2022-23972, CVE-2022-23973, CVE-2022-25595, CVE-2022-25596, CVE-2022-25597
6. Added 3rd party DNS server list in WAN --> DNS to help users enhance the connection security.
7. Supported Safe Browsing in the router app to filter explicit content from search results. You can set it in the router app --> Devices or Family.
8. Improved system stability.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 775b59bae64be20524a11102166faa90 (2022/06/23)


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Pretty good firmware, I must say. In addition to new WAN DNS settings, I also noticed the following changes:
  • When changing the name of the Samba share, the WiFi restart is no longer performed, the change is applied quickly.
  • Fourth core is now used extensively (for example, when new QOS rules are applied, making the entire process faster). Previously, this core was almost idle all the time.
  • Caches are no longer cleared after logging in, which is good (expect some users to complain about the excessive RAM usage, but, as we know, unused RAM is wasted RAM).
On the other hand, an error message caused by the Adaptive QOS (see this post, applicable to stock firmware and RT-AX56U too) is still there. But looks like since the fourth core is now used more widely, the Adaptive QOS performance is improved.

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