ASUS RT-AX86U keeps rebooting itself in "Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode"

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,

I've recently picked up a ASUS RT-AX86U router and connected it to my network. My setup is Cable Modem -> ASUS RT-AX86U -> My PC.

The whole reason why I picked up this router is because I wanted strong Wi-Fi coverage around my house. Upon first boot router itself decided to do a firmware upgrade and did it successfully. After doing some speed tests over wireless network I've noticed that router is rebooting itself repeatedly and I've noticed that this only happens if I speed test over Wi-Fi. If I connect the router to my PC and keep the WAN port disconnected it does not reboot at all. I checked the logs and there were some crash reports so I decided to downgrade firmware previous version and successfully downgraded it but my problem still persists.

After having no luck with the firmware downgrade I've changed the Operation Mode to Access Point mode and it's going strong without any issues for the last 6 hours and 45 minutes, I'm getting strong coverage from everywhere I want but I want to know that am I doing something wrong or is this a defective unit, should I RMA etc. etc.


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