Asus RT-AX88u Wireless Devices Shown as Wired


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I was running on version 364.19 for the longest time and notice a lot of wireless devices as showing as wired..

This didn't bother me as everything seemed to work until lately when my Wyze doorbell had connectivity issues. By coincidence the doorbell worked fine today and likely was because it is now shown as connected to 2.4GHz.

I did a firmware upgrade to 386.3_2 and a lot of my wireless devices including the Wyze doorbell is not shown as wired. Again, the doorbell is having connectivity issues.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Found out what was wrong...I had an AP in the basement....although I set it to be not as was still too strong....Wyze and other stuff were connecting to it.....I disabled the wireless on the AP and now Wyze is on 2.4GHz and is working!


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To much Wi-Fi is as bad as not enough.

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