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This is a real shame. I was hoping it would be eventually supported. It is a very good router so far. 10Gb ports, both in rj45 and fiber, 8x 1Gb ports, wifi 6, usb 3.2. Has been rock solid for the last couple months connected via fiber to my qnap qsw-m1208-8c 10Gb managed switch, and the rest of the house running back to that. Wifi also been flawless covering my 600sq block. Do miss the polish that your firmware brought to my old 87u's, and 68u's, an 66n before that (i think it was) though. I'd install in a heartbeat if you changed your mind about supporting this fantastic product in the future. All the best!


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Hello there where i can download Custom firmware for ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000 :)

isn't the RT-AX6000 the same as the RTAX88U? NVM you are talking about the RT-AX89X. Even Asus is late on releasing firmware on the RT-AX89X.

they haven't even released a beta support for it yet.

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