AsusWRT router can resolve company restricted URL. Openwrt can not


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My company requires accessing company resources via VPN. On the same computer:
  • An Asus RT-AC86u router is able to access company resources on Gitlab
  • A GL-iNet MT-1300 Beryl router is not
In both cases:
  • The routers have their own .ovpn files and act as an openvpn client. I can not test connecting to the company resources with this router vpn configuration turned off.
  • The routers are connected by WAN (the ISP router) with an ethernet cable
  • The routers are connected to the test computer by ethernet cable (one at a time during testing)
  • Both routers appear able to connect to the company VPN itself
  • Both routers are able to connect to other, unrestricted resources (internet) just fine.
Anyone have an idea with the Beryl might have trouble? The difference I would guess is the software, Asus-WRT vs OpenWRT. The later has a much simpler admin area but I just don't know the settings to test out to get it to work.


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DId you configure the OpenWrt firewall for the VPN? AsusWRT does it automatically, OpenWrt you need to do it as a separate setup.

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