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Attached drive not idling down as the firmware says and is set for

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Has anyone else had trouble with attached hard drive not idling down when it should? This worked last firmware version. Has anyone had a similar issue and is @RMerlin aware? Or is it just me that uses it and maybe a reset to defaults would be good, but I just did that after this firmware was flashed. Anyone?
Eh. Nothing new. There have been reports of external drives not spinning down it seems like forever. Live with it or get a good drive enclosure that does not depend on an OS signal to spin down. Many others say to keep the drives spinning 24-7-365 to have them last longer. Boils down to whatever works for you. I have a 2TB WD Green in a USB3 enclosure on an AX86U AiMesh node (Asus firmware) that will sleep all day...
I have a 2TB WD Green

Your WD Green has IntelliPark and Sleep timers in firmware. It will power down itself unless something is preventing this to happen.
@skeal, it would help if you posted your external USB hard drive make and model. If using an enclosure then the enclosure make and model. Hard drive sleep/hibernation issues have long been a reported issue in this subforum (via subforum search). For some their drive sleeps or hibernates properly, for others theirs does not.

Note that the use of any scripts stored on the hard drive or swap file on the hard drive may impact the drives ability to sleep. If you are using either scripts or swap file on the hard drive it would help if you listed those as well. Even turning on a computer that polls or notifies the local network at OS load may be enough to kick a router attached hard drive (SMB mode) on if it was in hibernation or sleep mode.
@bennor My drive is an old one. Probably is 14 years old but I never used it until the past few months. It's a: Fantom Drive 3T similar to this drive, Identified by the router as HGST HDS 724030ALE640. It came in it's own enclosure.
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Sorry for the multiple answers but the swap is on another drive. I just recently got the SMB working, could it be that?
Sorry for the multiple answers but the swap is on another drive. I just recently got the SMB working, could it be that?
Could be. Test without the file/media server active on the USB drive. Anytime something polls (or writes/reads to or from) the hard drive it likely keeps it awake.

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