Attic Server PC to NAS?

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After a little advice if anyone has experience of a similar situation.

I currently have an old PC running in my attic that I use for torrents, CCTV when I am away, and mainly a Plex Media server to the TV in the lounge with an Nvidia Shield Pro. The server is running Win 10 on a i5-760 with 6 TB HDD and 4GB RAM.

I am trying to be a bit more energy conscious as it runs 24/7 and as it is Win OS often has issues with updates meaning the Plex server is down unless I remotely log in etc. So I am looking at what migrating to a NAS like Synology would be like.

I also have a ASUS AC88U router that could have storage attached.

I could do away with the CCTV as I may go with a separate IPTV recorder in the future and transfer torrents from my main PC to the server instead, but then it seems a lot of money to have a NAS which essentially just a local network drive.

Any recommendations?


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Pretty much any basic Synology or qnap Nas will suit your purpose. I'd suggest at least a 2-bay unit (or more) for either redundancy or future expansion.

Not sure about Synology but I know my qnap unit come with a license for a video surveillance application that can be installed. Only played with it once so can't provide much detail, but it seemed ok.

I also run transmission (torrent downloader) on my qnap although other apps are also available and I'm sure Synology also has apps for this.

Ditto for Plex (although I don't run it myself). So basically, most SOHO Nas boxes should easily handle you current needs, it just comes down to how much you want to spend. More money = better performance (typically).

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