AX-11000 system date wrong after upgrade to


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So this is the first time I've ever encountered this. I just updated my router and then I noticed that my Nord VPN was failing to connect with an OpenSSL error.

May 5 09:32:27 vpnclient5[10809]: VERIFY ERROR: depth=1, error=certificate is not yet valid: C=PA, O=NordVPN, CN=NordVPN CA6, serial=4764208788777194848
May 5 09:32:27 vpnclient5[10809]: OpenSSL: error:1416F086:lib(20):func(367):reason(134)

I noticed that the system date was wrong. I tried:
* Changing TZs
* Toying with the DST values
* Soft reboot
* Hard reboot

Nothing worked. I finally just sshed into the router and set the date myself (not ideal... it should be syncing to

After I set the date, the message that I was seeing under the NTP Server field ("Reminder: The system time has not yet been synchronized with an NTP Server. FAQ") finally went away, and my VPN is now working.

Has anyone ever seen this before?


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It usually means the router cannot resolve the DNS name of the NTP server at boot time. What are your WAN DNS settings?


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My WAN DNS points to my local DNS (which has my local domains), which routes through to Cloudflare. And that bit is working A-okay.


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My WAN DNS points to my local DNS (which has my local domains), which routes through to Cloudflare. And that bit is working A-okay.
Your WAN DNS needs to point to an upstream DNS resolver. Not a local (LAN) one!


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I am having the exact same problem and unable to change system time. My internet and smart devices are randomly going offline…internet status says disconnected but its not. There is also a lot of traffic going address which is neither mine nor my ISPs network class.

Last months update did the same. I finally rolled back after sending logs to asus but I never checked the system time. I was hoping they fixed something after seeing how soon this was released


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I just finished talking to support. They believe it is a bug in the firmware. They said it _may_ be in a future firmware fix. There is another workaround.

If you:
  1. ping
  2. note the return IP and
  3. enter both under the Administration System tab for Resolved Hostname and Resolved IP Address
The system will sync its time.


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Apparently it's also related to a bug where the Dashboard shows as "disconnected" from the Internet, despite being connected.

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