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AX88U PRO will not transmit GUEST WIFI on AiMesh Node

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New Around Here
Running 2 AX88U PROs on latest firmware

The secure WIFI network works beautifully on both Router and Node
The guest WIFI works beautifuly only on the Router.
The guest WIFI does not transmit on the Node.

I only have 1 guest network and it uses the 2.5 band.
Both the ROUTER and the NODE are selected in the AIMESH MODE Menu in Guest Network Pro Settings.

The latest firmware notes mention "Fixed the problem where an AiMesh node could not broadcast WiFi signal normally when creating a Guest Network Pro WiFi-only network."

ASUS tech support has been horrific as I get inconsistent information each time I engage. One person says transmitting a guest wifi network on the mesh node is not possible and the next person says it is possible. They have me running around in circles.

Can someone please help me find a way to get the guest WIFI network working on the node?
Thank you

EDIT: In case wiring configuration is a question, router is ethernet backhauled to the node via the 2.5LAN port.


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