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Best settings for VPN client on router with AdGuard + Unbound

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Hi all,

I occasionally want to use a VPN service (NordVPN) to route my AppleTV through the VPN client so I can access UK TV - usually BBC iPlayer.

The issue is iPlayer on my ATV knows that i'm not in UK even when I have VPN on. I think that it might be related to how I have my DNS / Adguard / unbound setup on the router.

I have the basic setup as follows:

1. NordVPN client configured and working on the router as Open VPN Client 1 using a config file from nordVPN (setup to a UK UDP server)
2. for VPN client settings i have Set DNS to exclusive and routed via VPN director
3. In VPN director i have only one rule - to route the ATV through VPN client 1
4. I do not use DNS Director/filter at all
5. DNS settings for the ATV are from the DHCP server and set to use a network device (raspberry pi) running adguard / unbound

So I thought that when I start VPN client 1 then the ATV will routed via this VPN tunnel and I should be able to access BBC iplayer but i get the 'not in UK' message.

I had VPN all working a few months ago but that was before 388 FW and also me setting up adguard/unbound on my network.

Any tip or ideas as to how to troubleshoot and work this through? I have no idea where/what to start to test/check resolve.

Thanks in advance.
Try changing the Nord VPN server, it is possible that BBC player has blacklisted the server that you were using...

Nord VPN also sells a dedicated IP, less chance to get blacklisted...

See if it works....

I also use, Diversion+Unbound (installed in the router) +Nord VPN, and i don't have issues... From your setup, the only difference with me, is that i have DNS Director activated to Router Mode (Global Redirection)...
Thanks. Good to know it should work. I will try a few other config files that use different ips and see if I can get it working.

thsnks again.

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