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Bidirectional router to router VPN - Resolved

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Need some guidance… I have 2 LAN locations each with an ASUS RT-AC86U running Merlin 386.9. LAN1 uses address pool with a VPN subnet of LAN2 uses address pool with a VPN subnet of I am running OPENVPN on both routers. All works well – client machine(s) on LAN1 can VPN into router on LAN2 and access all machines on LAN2 and visa versa.

Until this Merlin release, I had never been able to get the router Openvpn client to properly establish a tunnel between the routers. I now have a unidirectional connection from LAN1 router (client) to LAN2 router (server) using the configs below and all is well – any machine on LAN1 can access any machine on LAN2 but not visa versa (if I turn on the client in LAN2 router to LAN1 router it works…).

What I want to do is establish bidirectional communications when LAN1 client connects to LAN2 server…



I do not want to redirect all internet traffic. What changes should I make to enable?


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