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Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH- a non-tech review

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Got my WZR-HP-G300NH router today and thought I'd give a few first impressions. Let me state I'm no networking guru, have no testing results to post just what I see using it today.

Have 2 desktop PCs with GB LAN NICs built-in running Win 7 RC and 1 Inspiron 8500 laptop with an Encore ENPWI-N cardbus laptop card (Ralink based) running XP Home SP3.
The Encore card works fine in the laptop. Was getting 130mbps until I changed the router to 40mhz then it went to 270 and has stayed there. Signal strength where my fiance usually sits with it (about 20ft away) is a constant Excellent. haven't tried it upstairs yet, will later (if I can get her off of it, she's loving the speed increase). Used the driver off the card's CD to get connected, ran Update Driver and got a newer version.

I did a few file transfers between the 2 desktops (using the Win 7 Homegroup) and they are faster. Have a new cable modem coming (Motorola SB6120) to take advantage of DOCSIS 3 being available here and the GB WAN in the Buffalo.

Don't have a USB NAS so I can't comment on how that works in this router.

The web interface is a bit different than the Linksys but after a few minutes of going thru it I was able to navigate and change what I wanted easily.

Got it from Newegg for $100, I think it's a bargain for the features and power it offers.

Well having used this for a week now I have to say this is a great router. Setup is SB6120 cable modem,WZR-HP-G300NH, Trendnet TEG-S50G gigabit switch, an Athlon 64 2.4Ghz/2gb/Netgear GA311 gigabit NIC system (connected to router switch), an Phenom II X3-720BE 2.8Ghz/8gb/Realtek RTL8111C onboard gigabit NIC (connected to TEG-S50G), HP LJ (connected to TEG-S50G via Jet Direct), Insprion 8500/Encore ENPWI-N cardbus N wireles adapter. The TEG-S50G/Phenom/HP is in den on other side of house.

Laptop has stayed at a constant Excellent signal/270mbs all week downstairs and taking it upstairs stays Very Good to Excellent and 220+mbs. File transfers are fast between the desktops (getting GB speed even with old existing CAT5 cable), a little slower but still faster than the old G setup to the laptop. Web flies with the SB6120 now in the loop.

I have completed testing. Results show better than average speed in my weakest signal test locations. Not very fast as a NAS, but no surprise there.

The user interface is a bit difficult to deal with, which is typical of Buffalo routers.
Adding to this thread...

Despite the bad reviews on the site here and everyone complaining about the "stock firmware", this is the best router I've ever owned. Sure, the factory firmware isn't as polished as others out there, but it's easy to use once you look around a little.

Buffalo offers DD-WRT firmware as an option, but I ran back to back tests on two different physical routers, both with both firmwares, and proven pretty conclusively the Buffalo firmware is actually better performance-wise. People hate to hear that as they think the OEM is always crap, but it's true that the OEM firmware outperforms the DD-WRT. There are some bells and whistles in the DD-WRT firmware that I wish the Buffalo one had, but oh well.

The WZR-HP-G300NH has amazing range, good transmit speed, handles torrents just fine, and I don't have to reboot mine for weeks... In a huge house with many obstructions, the signal is amazing. WAN to LAN speed is great and exactly the same as having the PC plugged direct. For the $70 that this thing sells for right now I don't think you can get a better buy...

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