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Buffer bloat DSL-AX82U-AX5400

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So I see something on here about buffer bloat, so thought I give it a try
Buffer bloat test
So I tried on my DSL-AX82U, and well it's bad.
I'm on stock Firmware, and on adaptive Qos.
So I changed adaptive with manual setting setting my max upload and download, little below my speed, I now get a A on the test but under low legacy gaming it's still marked as bad.
Anything I can do?
This is what I get..
I had to install Merlin and use Cake QoS to minimize my bufferbloat. Yours on the stock firmware is better than mine was, but I have much improved results with cake (and spending some time to tweak the values until it seemed optimal).
These things are only a guide, and for some servers, you're always going to be just too distant to get low latency. There comes a point when you just can't beat physics!
If I'm playing say world of warcraft, then my son updates call of duty on his xbox.
Warcraft game is unplayable. Unless I meddle, my ping will go from 15ms too 3000+ms. So not right.
You can try GNUton's fork of Asuswrt-Merlin with Cake QoS, but don't expect miracles on xDSL line.
This is about as good as it can get with DSL ISP connections.

You may try to get the service provider to see if they can get you a cleaner signal.

You can also try adjusting the up/down QoS settings until your gameplay isn't affected by others' network use. Don't worry about the 'score' you'll get on the speedtests, just focus on the actual performance/consistency of the network itself.

Here is an extreme example from a while ago where going much below the 'paid for' ISP speeds netted benefits for one of my customers.

Hi thanks for the replys, I will be on FTTP from the 24th so my dsl will be useless. I will have to use the ISP device as I be needing the phone so VOIP. I'm not sure of the options yet in the ISP device, for bridge mode etc, will worrie about that in time.

For me, the best way to stop bloat was by useing Bandwidth limiter, then on every gaming device set down as 20mb up as 3mb.
Other devices like alexa, camera mobiles etc, I set minimal so 2down 2 up.
This works with out problems, if there is anything big to download, I then disable Bandwidth on that device, or increase the limit but over 30down and 6 up I see latency.

I was thinking of selling on my DSL-AX82U, as I wont need the modem. Can I pass on the warranty?
I will have to use the ISP device as I be needing the phone
Chances are there's a workaround so you can use your own router and keep digital voice.

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