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Bug - text formatting and options selection

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Thanks RMerlin for all of your work. These are minor bugs and probably a low priority, but I felt I should mention them.

This is from v388.2 for a Asus RT-AX56u v1.
  1. error_page.htm
    "Ensure that your Connection Settingsare correct."
    No space between "Settings" and "are". Appears when attempting to log into router while it is still booting.
  2. Advanced_WAN_Content.asp
    DNS Server > Assign
    Cloudflare DNS ( and is missing from selection box under any category. However if entered manually, Filter Mode displays Fast and Service Name displays Cloudflare. This leads me to believe that the Fast Cloudflare DNS option exists and is missing from the selection.
  3. AdaptiveQoS_InternetSpeed.asp
    Drop down box > Nearest Server occasionally displays either single or multiple commas "," within the name of GSL Networks. I haven't noticed this issue with any other options.
    E.g. "GSL Netw,orks", "GSL Ne,,tworks"
All this comes from Asuswrt. There are more mistakes and strange things in the UI. The biggest one is lack of dependencies. You can select completely contradicting options and they all will be accepted. There is no way for RMerlin to fix this.
That's unfortunate. My observations seem like fairly easy things to fix, albeit a low priority. But when you talk of dependencies, that's a bit more serious. Is there a reason Asus haven't fixed these problems?
Is there a reason Asus haven't fixed these problems?

On a home router perhaps this is not seen as a problem. There are many more advertised and non-working properly features folks around are trying to fix with workarounds and custom scripts. On the consumer market the main goal is to sell more routers first. Some things may eventually get fixed later. Alien look, red accents and RGB lights are more important. This is what gives the product super "Gaming" powers. Your router is for kids - has none. ;)

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