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Can't see clients on Guest Networks

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New Around Here
Hi all
I have been looking for a router that will show me when people are on my guest network. Is there such a router. I recently bough an asus router and no it doesn't do that. I can create 3 guest networks but will never be able to monitor who's on them. I can only see clients on other networks. Seems kinda lacking if you ask me.
I think if a router comes with the ability to set up guest networks, it should have the ability to show me who is connected to those networks.
Thanks everyone
Look in the wireless logs.

Advanced Settings >System Logs > Wireless Logs.

Clients are identified by "flags" [last field on right] , guest devices will have "G" appended to the other shown flags.
My guest network is a separate VLAN and network. All I have to do is look at the DHCP scope for my guest network. You have to authenticate to get on the wireless guest network.

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