Change region RT-ac66u b1 374.43 LTS Fork

Jerry Maguire

New Around Here
Hi sorry if this isn't the place to ask but i don't know where to write it. I have just installed this 374.43 Merlin LTS fork for my Asus rt-ac66u b1 (i installed ac68u version). And i want to change the region to US (i bought it in Europe) because the wifi range is very poor compared to my old rt-n66u . I am on the wireless- professional tab but ii can only adjust the power to 100mW and i cant see the option to set the region. I saw a post from someone with the same router than me that could change it but i cant see it. Thank you so much.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Region changing is only supported for regions where there are no legal obligation that prevents it.

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