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Chenbro ES34069 build questions

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New Around Here
A couple of questions for those of you that have built these boxes.

I put one of these together last night and have a couple of concerns:

1) The included CPU fan assembly. I have an Intel socket 775 MB for my build and decided to use the heatsink/Fan combo that came with the Chenbro case as opposed to the stock Intel setup.

The Heatsink comes pre-assembled with what I assume is a bracket for AMD processors/motherboards. I removed that bracket and put on the included piece that mounts to intel motherboards. I noticed that this is putting a lot of strain on the motherboard when clamped down, where it actually makes the board bow slightly. This has me concerned that it could stress traces and soldered components.

Should I have left the old bracket on and just screwed the intel adapater below it? Doing this might reduce some of that strain on the MB that I noticed, but I'm not sure if the heat sink would make appropriate contact.

I may just switch to the stock intel assembly if fits in the case without issue unless anyone here has some comments on this.

2) I bought the unit with the 180 Watt power supply. I noticed with the system powered off, the power supply emits a whining noise that isn't present when the system is on. Has anyone else experienced this?

If I remove the power supply all together from the system there is no sound.

I'm going to review all of my connections again tonight to see if something is flaky.

The system boots and runs fine, but I need to get the above issues resolved for piece of mind.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW my components are:
ES34069 case
Intel BOXDQ45EK Motherboard
Intel E8400 CPU
4GB A-Data Ram
1x 500 GB Western Digital drive
2x 750 GB Seagate drives (7200.11 I think)
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