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Choosing a solid mid-range router.

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router newb

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Hi! I've been doing my homework about router for the last days (still a lot of info to digest) and I' m still undecided about which router I should choose, I'm not looking for top of the line specs but I'd like to get a solid, powerful, mid-range router (100-150€).

So far I've narrowed it down to these models:
  • Linksys WRT1900ACS
  • Asus RT-58u
  • Asus RT-68-u (a bit pricier than the other two)
(I've also looked at the TP-Link c3150, wrt3200, and rt-88u but all of those end up being a little too expensive for my taste, but maybe I can be convinced otherwise hahah)

I'm looking for a strong, reliable signal and a router that could handle a couple of users torrenting and a couple of other connected devices (so, handling multiple connections without getting fried)

But I' m I'm probably missing some interesting options.

What do you think?
ASUS AC68U, ASUS AC66U B1, NETGEAR R7000, TP-Link C2600, Linksys EA6900. Those I can recommend. If you want to stick to stock firmware, you can't beat ASUSWRT. The C2600 also allows a lot of stuff to tweak. Firmware on NETGEAR and Linksys routers I find personally lacking
I hadn't looked at the TP-Link c2600 and it seems like a good option too, thanks.

I can algo get a refurb Linksys EA8500 for the same price as the others (around 150€) should I go for it?
In Sweden you get the TP-Link C3150 for 1495, the Asus RT-AC88U for 2690, and the R7800 for 1489, and Linksys EA8500 for 1885. All prices in SEK (1USD=8.50SEK)
@pete y testing

I don't find it "featureless". That's also a matter of how much you need. If you use the advanced page, you'll see it provides almost as much as ASUSWRT
I would vote for an Asus something / Asus anything ... Price/performance-wise I think them competitive and I find their user interface better than most. But, what I really like, is their built-in real time traffic monitor. Hopefully you'll never need it but, when I have trouble, it's a great little tool to have in your tool box.

Over the years I've had several problems with our ISP. Inevitably our ISP will tell me it's my problem but when I see low traffic on my monitor and horrible Internet performance I know I need to be skeptical and look closer at the ISP. So far I've been able to track down every problem and, most of the time, it's been a problem with my ISP. I usually use several tools for troubleshooting but the real time traffic monitor is the first tool I reach for.

Also there's a clever piece of third party software called "RMerlin". It looks and feels like the Asus stock firmware but it's got more than a few tweaks and fixes. My favorite is being able to see what devices are generating traffic and, roughly, how much.
Netgear R7800 with Voxel firmware? Or anything Asus.

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