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I would like to know if I should leave cloudflare DNS at and for malware protection and just change the DNS-over-TLS hostname to Or should I change both addresses to and for both my DNS server 1 and 2 and to them as well in the DNS server list when I change the TLS hostname? I'm asking because this is how they say to do it on their help page... Thank you


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It doesn't matter much, if you set DoT profile to Strict. DNS1 and DNS2 will be used for router's own queries, DoT for your network queries.


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Change both. Yes, it matters...

Use and with and uses

Also set the DNS Server 1 and 2 IP address

If you test DoT function to Cloudflare Help ( disable DNSSEC or you will get an error.

Or use Quad9 1 and 2. The IP addresses for these are and
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