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Connecting an ax58u to a BT homehub 5, via a lan port, and not getting internet access.

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I currently have a BT homehub 5 which provides my internet access, and that is connected to a Netgear Nighthawk router (running Voxel firmware) that provides my home network. The BT hub and Netgear are connected via LAN ports. Both routers are in Router mode. I have full internet access to the Netgear and its connected devices. I have a single subnet for all devices. I want to replace the Netgear with an Asus AX58u (flashed with the latest Asuswrt Merlin firmware). If I connect the AX58u (in Router mode) via its LAN ports to the BT hub, I can ping the BT hub gateway, but I don't get any internet access. I have tried to connect via the Asus WAN port, and I get internet access, but I can see the rest of my home network.

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction please?

Thanks, Nick.
Do not use router mode. Your Asus should be configured in "AP mode" if you want a single subnet.
Do not use router mode. Your Asus should be configured in "AP mode" if you want a single subnet.
Thanks Colin.

Sorry, I should have added to my original post that the main reason for installing the Asus router is to run NordVPN on it, so I'm assuming it would need to remain in router mode.

Thanks, Nick.
Yes, the VPN client is only available when the Asus is in router mode. You must connect the Asus' WAN port to the upstream router which creates a separate subnet for devices connected to the Asus' LAN. That's the way the VPN client is implemented in the firmware.

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