Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi RBK50/RBK53 (RBR50, RBS50) v.


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If your Orbi router is in AP mode I'm not sure how you would have the access to enable access control in stock as that is a routing feature. Is it possible that you didn't have it AP mode in stock?
Sorry for the late reply - we just had a baby!
Yes, it was definitely in ap mode. Most features were greyed out and couldn't be used but access control was still enabled and accessible from a link at the top right of the attached devices screen. It was definitely working too as guests who joined our network were showing as 'denied' in the attached devices screen until I set them to 'allowed' under access control. I thought access control was part of WiFi security, not routing as it was more in line with who can join your wireless rather than what they can do once they have joined?

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That is strange, that is inconsistent with the official documentation.

The following features are not available (grayed out) when your Orbi router is in AP mode:

  • Guest Network
  • Setup Wizard
  • Port Forwarding/Port Triggering
  • Remote Management
  • UPnP
  • IPv6
  • Traffic Meter
  • Parental Controls
  • Circle
  • Netgear Armor
  • Block Sites
  • Block Services
  • VPN Service
  • VLAN/IPTV Setup
  • Internet Setup
  • WAN Setup
  • LAN Setup
  • Access Control
  • QoS


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I wonder if that was why I was having so many issues with the WiFi before I moved to voxel in that case? I also wondered why the only place I could get at it from was the text link at the top right of attached devices rather than it having a proper menu entry on the left. Must be a bug I guess! I'd be tempted to go stick the official firmware back on just to see if it is still there after a reflash but have no time at all with a newborn eating the time that the 4yo doesn't!
Thank you for your time and advice


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Anyone know why I can't see like 1/3 of my attached devices after switching to custom firmware? It seems like it can list only up to 18 or so devices now. When I was trying to google this issue, it sounds like it was an issue with earlier firmware. I didn't have such a problem on official Netgear, but I want to stay on Voxel so I can edit the DNS of the router when using DHCP, otherwise PiHole displays everything as

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