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D-Link DNS-323 and Linksys WRT54G

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I just posted a comment in the DNS-323 review section, but realise that this probably a better, ahem, forum.

I have the above setup and transfer performance is ok when wired, i.e. 50% of 100Mbps for large tranfers. Wireless performance however is only about 5% of 54Mbps, which is too slow for me to stream video files to my laptop, which was why I got the NAS in the first place. I'm not expecting 'n' performance, but this seems too slow.

I'm using windows XP and have norton internet security. The latter gave me a problem in mapping the network drive, but I manged to fix that. I have set up a static IP address for my laptop to do port forwarding on the router for torrents. I dot not use WEP or WPA wireless security, but control access with the MAC address of my laptop.

Do I need to give the router the NAS MAC address (even though it is wired)?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
I had posted this reply in the article comment. Thanks for re-posting the question here.

The maximum usable throughput you can get from 802.11g is slightly over 20 Mbps, which is ~2.5 MB/s vs. 12.5 MB/s from a 100 Mbps Ethernet connection.

In general, using a NAS via wireless is pretty slow.
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