DDNS setup

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calzor suzay

Regular Contributor
I have amtm and diversion running with pixelserv-tls.
I'd like to setup up DDNS via asus.com and use the free letsencrpyt cert process but there's a server certificate at the bottom and not sure if this is an issue or not.

Status :
Issued to :
SAN : router.asus.com RT-AC86U-4570
Issued by :
Expires on :

Under Administration > System > Local access config where you'd normal export the cert it re-directs you back to the DDNS page, if I export the cert there it gives me a cert.pem and key.pem file.

Shall I just go ahead and attempt to set the DDNS settings up?

calzor suzay

Regular Contributor
Any ideas?
Not keen on just trying this then breaking a cert etc.

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