DDNS start script not executed on startup


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Hello guys,

I'm using a RT-AX88U with Asus merlin (Firmware-Version:386.5_2) installed.
I created a DDNS start script and put it in "/jffs/scripts".

If i call it manually via SSH, the script is executed and the IP is updated for my DDNS account!

However, after restarting the device (and getting a new IP) the script is not automatically called.
WAN -> DDNS -> DDNS Client is active and "Server" is set to "Custom".

System Log shows the following

May 13 15:49:04 watchdog: start ddns.
May 13 15:49:04 rc_service: watchdog 1308:notify_rc start_ddns watchdog
May 13 15:49:04 start_ddns: update CUSTOM , wan_unit 0
May 13 15:49:04 start_ddns: Clear ddns cache.

Nothing else.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Hi L&LD,

thank you for answer.

Sure, i read the "User scripts" and "Custom DDNS support" stuff.
Checked my script if returning "/sbin/ddns_custom_updated 0 or 1" ... however it looks like I have taken everything into account.

As mentioned above, manual execution leads to success.


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Post the output of these commands, run on the router over an SSH connection.
nvram get jffs2_scripts
ls -l /jffs/scripts/ddns-start
head -1 /jffs/scripts/ddns-start

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