Desktop loves my AIMesh Node Too Much

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New Around Here

I have two ASUS RT-AC68U routers; one is set up as the main router and is connected to my ONT (Vodafone Portugal). The other router is an AI Mesh node.

In my office I have my desktop set up and unfortunately I only have a wireless connection (renting so no chance to run ethernet).

The main router is in the hallway and the AI Mesh node is in the living room at the end of the hallway. I would like my desktop to connect to the main router, since the DBM signal is stronger there and the AI Mesh node losses connection occasionally.

I have made sure that the desktop connects to the main router but connecting it to the WiFi when the node is off. However, for some reason, it always shunts the desktop to the node even though the router is closer. Other devices always seem to live on the main router, but for some reason the desktop never stays on it for long. I have added the MAC for the desktop to the do not roam list, but I think that would only apply to roaming between multiple nodes and not the router-node.

I assume there is no way to make it so that my desktop stays connected to the router? Caveat: while I can set up a LAN/Wifi, I do not know a huge amount about the back end of networking, so please be gentle.

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