Disable Port Security on Cisco SG350

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I have not done port security at home as I feel like the ports are safe. I am interested in what you find out. I will watch this thread.

What type of port security have you implemented? Are you spread out in a large office building trying to keep people from plugging into your switches?
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What happens if you un-tick the Interface Status/Lock setting? See step 4 here.


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How about setting "Action on Violation" to "Forward"?
Action on Violation—Select an action to be applied to packets arriving on a locked port. The options are:
- Discard—Discards packets from any unlearned source.
- Forward—Forwards packets from an unknown source without learning the MAC address.
- Shutdown—Discards packets from any unlearned source, and shuts down the port. The port remains shut down until reactivated, or until the device is rebooted.


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There is always factory reset on the switch. It should be fairly fast.

And yes there are a lot screens different between the SG350 and SG300 switches but the CLI should be the same.

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