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  1. S

    How can you setup SSH 2FA for switches and routers?

    Helping on a project that has a simple requirement — to lock down our switches and routers to have 2FA for administrator access. But, we’re out of our element on implementing this – and could use advice. We do not have any sort of directory right now … at all … but will shortly have everyone in...
  2. KCL

    Hardware Rookie Q: Purchasing New from 3rd Party...

    If I purchase a new, in-the-box Cisco NGFW (this one), how does the Service Contract with Cisco work? Is it part of the purchase and I sign up once we get the unit? I called the website but the operator couldn't answer my question and couldn't put me in touch with anyone who COULD answer the...
  3. M

    Adjusting Data Rate and Threshold on Cisco CBW Access Points

    Hi: I have Cisco CBW240AC access points. In the controller software, Under Advanced RF Parameters, I don't understand the difference between adjusting the 5.0 Ghz Threshold (6,9,12 Mbps, etc.) vs. adjusting the 5.0 GHz Data Rates with the same selections, 6,9,12 Mbps, etc. I'm not sure if the...
  4. C

    Cisco Killing my network

    So I have a fairly simple network. ISP modem in in Bridge mode giving me a clean (but dynamic) IP, Asus RT-AX86U as primary gateway, DHCP and 1st mesh node. Running latest Merlin build. Asus RT-AX55 as Mesh Node, hardwired to the AX86 (with a simple switch between to attach the home theater)...
  5. E

    ASUS Merlin router and Cisco L3 Switch: clients in VLANs not picking up DNS server

    Long time lurker and first time poster. First of all let me thank @coxhaus, through his posts I learned a lot about Cisco gears and VLAN stuff. I am trying to build a home network with inter-VLAN capabilities using my trusty AC68U, a newly acquired Cisco SG300-10MPP level-3 switch and a Cisco...
  6. L

    Seeking advice on L3 Switch best suited for Planned Setup & Future Expansion

    Hello everyone… I have been lurking around this forum and have found/read a lot of very valuable information. After all my research, I have come down with a high-level plan to address some immediate needs; while considering how to further expand/improve my SOHO network down the line. CURRENTLY...
  7. Z

    Finally wired my house, now looking for equipment...

    Quite basic home network: 2 PC, 2 laptops, several smartphonesf, few tablets, few TVs etc House is wired with cat 6 - 13 lines meeting in a basement with ISPs ONT in a rack. ISP gives 900 mbps down and 280 up. Amateur wifi survey indicates that I'll need 3 APs to cover 3 storeys, brick and...
  8. AvalonNYC

    Disable Port Security on Cisco SG350

    Anyone know how to so this. Ports are getting locked and we're going nuts.
  9. P

    Basic help needed - Cisco WAP571 not giving enough bandwidth

    Hi, I have two 571's currently running in my house. I have a 1 gbps connection running into a supplied router (from provider). The router is connected to a 24 port POE+ switch and then the WAPs are connected to this switch via CAT7. Coverage is fine, BUT, I cannot get any more than 280mbps...
  10. L

    Cisco port forwarding question

    Hello! I have a Cisco 7206VXR running Version 12.4(12.2r)T. I have an openfire XMPP server that needs to have port 5222 forwarded. Server is G0/1 is my WAN interface My current NAT ACL for overload looks like this: Standard IP access list NAT 10 permit
  11. R

    Multi-Router - Multi-LAN network help please!

    Hello everybody, I have a relatively complex network building in progress, and I would like some help from the experienced networking people here! It's a three story building. I have two VDSL2 connections coming in with their according modem/routers, a Cisco dual wan load balancing router set...
  12. S

    What CISCO to buy?

    What is available: apartment (135 sq m) 4 TVs with internet (ethernet) WiFi do not use, as there are delays on it. PS4 (On wi fi) apple tv (ethernet) 2 laptops are also on the wire. A small computer with disks (Used PLEX(, I can not refuse this, cool stuff) By WiFi tablets and phones...
  13. J

    Cisco Network Exercises Ideas

    Hello my name is jacob, I am new to snbforums. I want to get in with an active community to help others and to ask questions of my own. I am beginning my journey of diving into the Cisco world more in depth . I am needing ideas for networks I can create here to practice at home . I have 3 Cisco...
  14. Julio Urquidi

    Cisco Announces New Meraki Go SMB Wi-Fi Solutions

    Cisco Meraki Go GR10 and GR60 Directed at the SMB market, the new Cisco Meraki Go 802.11ac APs are available in two models; a GR10 indoor access point and GR60 outdoor access point. Both Meraki Go APs are dual-band 2x2:2 MIMO devices using internal omni-directional antennas, supporting SU-MIMO...
  15. M

    Recent dual-WAN experience: Asus vs. Cisco vs. Peplink

    I recently tried out three routers for a large dual-WAN load-balancing home installation: Asus AC68U, Cisco RV340W and Peplink Balance 20. For others looking for dual-WAN routers, I thought I'd offer my lessons learned. The Asus AC68U was what I had operated for several years. However, I never...
  16. sfx2000

    Fun article on Cisco "merchant" switches

    Nice insight into the ASIC's and Architecture of Enterprise/Carrier Grade switches one usually finds in the data centers and central offices... Enjoy!
  17. K

    Home Business setup with vlans and security cams

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and would appreciate some help with configuring my RT AC66U (merlin v380.70) and Cisco 3560 POE24 (IOS v12.2.55-SE12) to work together in a multi vlan topology. I have been spending literally weeks researching and trying to do it myself unsuccessfully and recently had...
  18. Spc

    New CMTS, new problems for DHCP Client

    So my ISP just changed old CMTS ( DOCSIS 3.0) to new Cisco CMTS (DOCSIS 3.1). I am using ASUS RT-AC68U and ASUS RT-N66U. New CMTS is Cisco cBR-8: Me and alot of my friends that are on this ISP have...
  19. Snouto

    Isolating an AirPrinter in Vlan

    Hi Total network noob here looking for some expert advice. I require a small network consisting of an iPad with cellular and connected to a local WiFi access point, an air printer connected to the same access point, and one or more mobile phones from joe public connecting periodically to the...
  20. IlDavo

    Hardware Appliance for Connection to Cisco AnyConnect Gateway?

    My company mandates the use of AnyConnect client software for VPN connectivity to corporate resources from my home office. I understand that the purpose/value of AnyConnect is the avoidance of any need for remote VPN hardware to achieve VPN access; however, I'd very much like to avoid the need...