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Diversion Diversion 5.0 ad blocking sample; very happy with user experience

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Philip Bondi

New Around Here
Hello to all.

Very pleased with my user experience with Diversion. Thank you. Please see sample attached. Same web page. One through Diversion. One without.


was relatively easy to install. Worth the effort.
Welcome to the forums @Philip Bondi.

Your images are impossibly small to read. Try saving/uploading each page individually instead.
On my preview, I was able to see Diversion grey boxes next product ads. Trying to post full images.


  • Screenshot_20240419_151004_Chrome.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20240419_150806_Chrome.jpg
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Original screen capture are several mb. Not sure how to post full res.
Those images are still impossibly small/low resolution to read (just showing a thin/long strip).
Post a single screenshot. Not a long website.

You can't post full res. The forums automatically reduce the resolution on upload.
On my preview, I was able to see Diversion grey boxes

What you see is typical for DNS-based blockers grey boxes. They destroy the page view, unfortunately. If you see the adblocking of uBlock Origin browser extension you'll be amazed. It removes the grey boxes and rearranges the page view like ads were never there. Plus has the ability to block YouTube ads, impossible for DNS-based blockers.
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