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DNS Director Not Working

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Don Draper

New Around Here
New RT-AX86U Pro
Current Version : 3004.388.4
DNS Director set to QUAD9
Run a dns test on connected devices and receive ISP's DNS.
post some screenshots of your DNS Director and LAN DHCP settings.
post some screenshots of your DNS Director and LAN DHCP settings.
Maybe I will join this thread as I'm facing some difficulties to configure my needs.
I'm running RT-X88U with Asuswrt-Merlin latest version 388.5.
Installed Asuswrt-Merlin something like week ago.
WAN settings:

DNS Director settings:

When checking clients in my network with: https://on.quad9.net/ all of them showing:

But I was expecting the client "Oneplus 9 Pro" is using AdGuard Family DNS resolvers.
Make sure your phone doesn`t have private/randomized MAC enabled, which would make it skip the DNS Director rule by using a different MAC.
Yes, but the "security through obscurity" needn't be disabled globally, just on the (or any such) individual connection.
No much security there. And with Quad9 in particular from my location generates negative results.

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